1.8 Plans!

Here are some updates on 1.8 plans:

  • Sounds like 1.8.1 will be out on 8th September. At that moment, I will put up a temporary vanilla server on a different port with a temporary map (which will later be deleted) to run parallel to the current server. People will be able to try 1.8 until the most important plugins are working with 1.8 (Whitelist, protection etc)
  • It also seems the map changes will be dramatic. If that is really the case I will create a new map with 100×100 lots. New lots will all be registered on this new map.
  • The old map will continue to exist. People who have a lot can keep it there. If you want a lot on the new map, you have to give up a lot on the old map.
  • I will write some code that will allow people to abandon their current lot and register on a new one in the new world. This allows for a fast automated process. However there will be no transition time where you can have both lots. If you can find a place where you can deposit resources such as a friends lot, kingdom plot or if you already are allowed to have several lots, you can use that to take along goods by depositing them there before moving to the new lot. I will not compensate anyone because you forgot to take stuff, if your friend took it or whatever.
  • The old world will stay as it is. We will use it to grow the city. Very nice builds will remain and be integrated into the city as it grows.
  • Skylands will stay as it is.
  • There will be a new kingdom world. I will try to move all kingdom builds to a new world over the coming weeks. Please continue building in the current world until your structure is moved.
  • Nether will be reset.

Please note that I am on another business trip from 12th to 16th September and will have very little time to do anything during that period.

13 thoughts on “1.8 Plans!

  1. This is a good idea, i can’t wait for a fresh start XD

  2. It was said in the post, but I want to clarify, not even higher ranks, who are allowed to have 2 or more lots; are also unable to have a lots in both worlds?

    • You can have lots in both worlds, but if you are able to have 2 lots, you can’t have 2 in the old world and 2 in the new world. But you could give up one, pick a new one in the new world… then move stuff from the other lot back in the old world, then get rid of that one, and get a second in the new world. It’s just like carrying boxes from one place to another, they never exist in 2 places at once. :) (That’s how I understand it.)

    • Wrong. As a simple rule: you cannot have more lots than now once 1.8 comes. If you want to get a lot in the new world, you have to give up a lot in the old world. Even if that’s the only lot you have.

  3. Wonderful! So I can start cleaning things up on my old lot so it’s all nice and pretty for when it gets put into the city. (mostly referring to my boat, not my old crap structures that aren’t much to look at from the outside)

    Excellent idea, Unc. Let me know if/when I can help out. If anyone wants to get rid of any of their old stuff… just send it my way… I should have plenty of storage til I can replicate a storeroom in New Gaea! (*hint* cool world name *hint*)

  4. Hey Uncovery, I’ll be on for the next few weeks here. Since 1.8 is about to come out, and the new world will be created, if you need any help testing, building outposts, railroads…the usual. I’d be more than happy to help you get that process done faster. Since I also don’t have any lots at the moment, I have even more time to help. Let me know if you need any help. Rather its email or whatever.([mynickname]@yahoo.com)


    • Sounds great. I will tell you if I need help. I will remove your email from the forum here so you dont get spammed.

  5. Alright, ill try to be on irc if i can. Thanks for removing my email as well.

  6. Sounds like 1.8 will be out on the 12th at the earliest..if im reading right.
    What are your thoughts: I have a nice minecart ride, shall i scrap it for rails or should i leave it for……for what? This is with the idea i get a lot in the new world.

    • We will keep that world and expand it to host the best builds. Current builds will be integrated into the city if they are nice as the city grows. So you can either keep it where it is for people to see or tear it down. Its your choice.

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