Boat contest Update

I started working in the boat contest. Since the boats are for the city, I want to copy-paste them over, then judge them.

Since some people either did not follow the rules and some people misunderstood them, this will take a while. For example:

  • Boats don’t have a frame around them. I need then to find the corners myself to make a box around it so I can copy it. That takes time.
  • Whe I asked people to not put more than one block under water, I did not mean that people should lift the boat artificially out of the water. I now have to move it back down, and fill the empty space with water. That takes even more time.

So I hope I can finish it before 1.8 comes around. If you want to help, make sure that your boar has a frame at water level (not above water, not submerged) around it at the base and nothing else but the boat within that frame since I otherwise have to remove that later….

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