New Contest: Tree House!

Here is the next contest: Tree house! The overall goal is to make a small jungle city. What are you supposed to build?

Build at least 3, max 6 man-made trees that are of similar type & height. One of them has to have a house on/in it. The house can have connections to the other trees via ladders, gangways, balconies etc but does not have to. The trees should be at least 20 blocks high and max 50 blocks high (with house). They can be as tall and thick as you think looks good and out of any log color. The reason for 3 trees is that I do not want to have simply 10 trees with houses in them. There should be rather 30 trees of which 10 have houses.The base can be as big as you think it should be for 3 trees. There should be an access to the house of course, be it a ladder, a staircase or a hole in the tree.

IMPORTANT: Please make a square box out of any material on the floor that is at least as wide as the tree. There should be no blocks sticking out over the square on the floor. This will help me to copy/paste it. Also, there should be nothing else above the box than your contest entry.

There will be a new contest submission form live until soon, so no need to post the entries here. The preliminary deadline will be the 1st of October. Since there will be some time where we have 1.8 and 1.7.3 running, I will most likely extend the contest to 15th or 1st of November though.

7 thoughts on “New Contest: Tree House!

  1. October 1 is fast approaching. My treehouse is nearly done, but I was wondering if the deadline is going to be postponed until after we can get the main server upgraded. There are some new blocks I’d like to use if we get the opportunity. If not, that’s cool too, just wanted to check.

    I’m guessing you don’t have time to judge a contest right now anyway ;-) … Thanks!

  2. hey Unc…would a Tree Ent/Living Tree be considered a treehouse if it had a home on its head?

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