Boat Contest winners!

This time we had 10 submissions for the contest, and some really amazing stuff as usual! The main split was between warships & sailing boats, from Settlers, Architects, Citizens and Elders. Strange enough no masters submitted entries. Since there is only one Architect, I grouped it together with the Citizens.

So here are the winners (and the prices):

  • Elders:
    • 1st place: Riedi73 (2 stack o’ diamonds)
    • 2nd place: Sockso (stack o’ diamonds)
  • Settlers:
    • 1st place: LukLukk (level up!)
    • 2nd place: Duckyboy3210 (stack o’ diamonds)
  • Architects & Citizens
    • 1st place: Knowlesadam (level up!) AND
    • 1st place Yorllik (level up!)
    • 2nd place: Echo1608 (stack o’ diamonds)
    • 2nd place: Dullahb (stack o’ diamonds)

Congratz to the winners and thanks for everyone who participated! You help making Uncovery Minecraft a better server! All contest entries have been transferred to the waters in front of the city. There might be some issues with the copy-paste such as turned dispensers and broken doors/beds/pictures. Please ask an elder or master to fix it for you.

12 thoughts on “Boat Contest winners!

  1. Congrats to all the winners!

    (Unc – if you want to use the lot I have at the southeast corner of the city where my boat is, feel free to get rid of the sea monster I started building there and start placing the boats. I’m currently moving my items out of the chests in my boat there.)

      • I did, but it really wasn’t that great. I think Hiosa’s was better, honestly. Shouldn’t you be doing schoolwork?

          • Well, Hiosa couldn’t because the boat had been impounded and hadn’t cleared paperwork yet. Mine was too heavy, seeing how it goes about 6 levels or so below the waterline. ;-) (I was just joking with Hen.)

  2. Congrats, all! Sockso, could you please finish Sockso’s boat?

  3. Yeah, Sockso… sounds like you’re lazy with school! Ohhhh Burn!

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