1.8 final is out, temp server updated

I just updated the server to 1.8 final. Please get the client from minecraft.net if you want to try it out.

(there is a jar download if minecraft.net is down. You won’t be able to connect to the server still however until minecraft.net is back up)

5 thoughts on “1.8 final is out, temp server updated

  1. Awesome. I’m sure you’ll update us as things become available. If you would like me to help out with exploring a new map and searching for viable lot space (aka where there aren’t giant oceans), let me know. I’m ready and willing (probably to die horrible deaths at the hands of the Endermen!). ;-)

  2. Huzzah!

    Be prepared for a watery entry ye brave individuals.

  3. I had sooo much fun exploring that mineshaft with everyone yesterday. I am wondering if monthly or bi monthly regenerating temp server is a an option. Where we wouldnt be able to transfer stuff, just kind of like an explorer challenge.
    Just a thought

    • I like this idea very much. A temp server we can keep updating until we get a brand new world in 1.9. To be perfectly honest, I have prepared my items and such to be transferred to a brand new world (1.9). And temp servers are so much fun!

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