1.8 – no new map – we regenerate the lots

Please note that since 1.9 will be another update on the mapping system, there will be no new map when 1.8 comes out. Instead you will have the chance to regenerate your lot or to move to another lot that is regenerated with the new mapping system – on the same world. If you will be able to switch to a new lot or regenerate the current lot will have to be evaluated. Either way, you can keep your current lot as it is if you want. And, please note that if your lot is regenerated or if you move to a different lot, the current lot in question that you own will have to be cleared by you of everything that you want to keep. Either you move the stuff temporarily into a shop (only for a day or so), or you find an alternative space for it, be it in a different lot you own or on a friends lot.

So what about 1.9? Ideally, we do not start a new map either. However if it’s heavy biome AND landscape changes (height & location of oceans etc), we will start a new map then to have a clean start. It will NOT be a forced update for anybody, people can choose if they want to move to the new map or not. If it is ONLY biome but no height/water changes, we will not start a new map. So as you can see, it really depends what they are doing with it. It is be hard to tell.

13 thoughts on “1.8 – no new map – we regenerate the lots

  1. Im going to take a new lot but what happens when 1.9 comes out? New world? Will we have a choice to take a lot there instead?

    • given the insecurities around 1.8 I do not even dare to think about 1.9 now. I will update something above to clarify

  2. Cool, then i will do only minor stuff in my 1.8 new lot.

  3. I am sad. I have been looking forward to the new world and exploring and building. I guess I’m going to see what options I have with the current world.

  4. I’ve been playing 1.8 on my own to get the adventure aspect. I’ve seen a lot of weird landscape generation. Along the lines of chunks, there’s some ugly mountains split in half and such. I’m not really sold on the new maps.

    • I have not seen anything like that. For the couple of seeds that I have seen, so far everything looks nice.

    • well if you started near there you wouldn’t have to look so hard for some coal at least :P

    • thats very strange. are you sure that the complete map was generated in 1.8? Looks to me that the part where you stand was from 1.7.

  5. Yup! It was a whole new world. Plus, around 0,0 is all the new swamp biome. So if I made some sort of dumb mistake, 1.7 stuff should be around there. I tried re-inputing the seed in single player, and it was a different map. Maybe it was just a strange bug. :D

    • I’ve seen that happen before on a sever, the chunk memory was lost for a second, so when the world continued generating it had a lot of that kind of stuff.

    • Yeah, I recreated that seed on single-player… went to the same coords, and I got a complete mountain, not the half, you showed. Where you were standing would have been right in the middle of the mountain.

      Here’s a screenie of it: http://adf.ly/2pmAq

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