2D Map software & Bukkit RB

I have now, after working on that repeatedly since 2 month, managed to manually compile the latest source of the 2D mapping software on the linux server. This means we can now keep up with new blocks. For example, grass does not render as black spots on the maps anymore but rather green as they are supposed to. The 1.8 blocks should be available also some time from now

There is also, finally a recommended build of Bukkit available. This means that the plugin authors have something stable to work with. Some of the more important plugins have been worked on already over the last couple of days, so I expect a fairly soon update here to the new bukkit version. I will upgrade the server as soon as the most important plugins are released officially. Those include Worldguard, Worldedit, Towny, PermissionsEX, XCraftgate and iConomy and Virtualshop. Not all of those have to be released to move the old map over so I will make sure that the map is available on 1.8 as soon as possible, even if the shop for example is not available yet.