About the discussions/suggestions to keep the 1.8 temp map

Since the existence of this server, and for every single Minecraft update, we have had a temp map online until the plugins were updated too. And every single time, I announced when the temp map went life, that it is a “TEMP” = “Temporary” = “will be deleted” map. I also announced on top of that explicitly each time that “The map will be deleted!!”. And each time, there were people who suggested to still keep the map afterwards and essentially running a vanilla server with all the griefing, theft etc.

If you look through my posts from the last weeks you will see, that for this update too, every time I wrote about the temp 1.8 server, I mentioned, because of the past experiences, that the map will be deleted. And now, again, there are several people asking to keep it.

It is as if people are writing a book into the sand and they still suggest that the waves should stop and not wipe out what they wrote. If you spend so much time and effort on a temp map that was declared several times to be deleted I am not sure what to think.

Consider that if we would have kept every single map that was made for an upgrade, we would have 10 worlds by now. All with griefed buildings, broken world generators and all – abandoned.

On top of that, this time the issue is even worse than the last times. Consider that we are working on a system that is about to have 2 massive changes in map generation in quick succession. Not only new ores in a similar looking world. The complete map will look different. The current temp world is the same seed as the normal 1.7 world. 60% is water now. Those changes make us even consider to abandon the main world where hundreds of users have spent 9 months to to build stuff. And now people ask me to keep a map that was online for less than 2 weeks and which is generated on a system that will radically change within the next couple of weeks.

Despite all of this, I will do the following: When we move the main server to 1.8, I will offer to copy structures to the kingdom map. This means that the structure should be selectable in a box, not be underground, under water or inside a mountain. If you want it copied. I need you to place two identifiable red wool blocks in opposite corners of the construction so that the two blocks form a box around everything you want to have copied. If you fail to do this the way I need it, I won’t copy the stuff. No discussions. No further instructions. Ask me to copy stuff when you see me in-game AFTER 1.7 server is switched off.

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  1. Unc,

    You’re my hero. I would say you have the patience of a saint, but I know some saints were not very patient people. LoL :-D Anyhow, despite all the fuss, I doubt much will get moved from the temp server to the kingdom world by you for people. If it were me, I would have just taken the world file, zipped it up, and given people a couple days to download the file if they wanted it and let them live in the past. :)

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing where we go next!

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