Hawkeye83 banned for account sharing

00:34:27 HawkEye83 [Settler] (world): hey, it's matt, daniel's soccer...
00:34:54 HawkEye83 [Settler] (world): ?
00:35:00 Daiyamondo: -.-
00:35:02 HawkEye83 [Settler] (world): why?
00:35:04 Daiyamondo: -.-
00:35:12 chpentain: if somone else uses your account you get banned
00:35:18 Daiyamondo: Duh.
00:35:19 HawkEye83 [Settler] (world): are u refering 2 j3sus?
00:35:24 Daiyamondo: ......................
00:35:26 chpentain: no you!
00:35:50 HawkEye83 [Settler] (world): we live in the same house and share a computer...
00:36:00 [g] chpentain: there can only be one user per account
00:36:22 HawkEye83 [Settler] (world): I don't see a problem with this...

Well, unfortunately I see a problem with this. Hawkeye, if you want access again, get your ‘friends’ to pay you a new account and make sure they don’t have your password.

17 thoughts on “Hawkeye83 banned for account sharing

  1. Apologies to Daniel, This is why sharing a computer is very difficult to do, And like uncovery stated do not use remember password options and do not share on your password. Matt it is best to ask others before you do things on their account.

    ‘Please note that we do not care if your dog ate your homework. You are responsible for your account and what happens with it.’ – Uncovery in regard to the actions of EvilPython26

    Hiosa on the Dumbass’s of Uncovery list, note it was both matt and daniel.

    • Personaly, I would like to know what the problem is with this… just asking.

  2. It wouldn’t be a problem, BUT we have had some major incidents with it before. So we don’t want that to happen again. Sorry…

  3. I hate to make it seem like I’m ranting or making a big deal out of this, and I realize I will most likely never get back on the server again, but what is the big deal? we weren’t hurting or offending anyone, and we both knew what was going on… Uhgg, never mind…

    • I had thought the rules were don’t hack or cheat or greif and just don’t be stupid and watch what you say… I guess I see the one about sharing now… Oh well, See Ya!

  4. I miss you all… I just wish to say that i didn’t do anything wrong. I know how it seems and I know whatever my brother did was probably stupid and obnoxious but hey, Tyler just graduated MIT after 6 years and he knows how to hack… i didn’t even tell him my password:( it just made me angry when i found out…

      • Im sorry for whatever he did… i know that it must have been partially my fault because he did get my password somehow. I don’t expect to get back on the server and I’m sorry about everyone’s properties. I just want everyone to know that I didn’t do it that way I’m not remembered as “that douchebag who griefed”

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