Lot regneration & Help request

I need help writing a new map tool that shows which blocks are stored in the files that store the minecraft data. I need it in PHP or in a normal formula. There is something like that already here: http://dinnerbone.com/minecraft/tools/coordinates/. Essentially I want to input a block file name such as ‘r.0.-2.mcr’ and want to know which blocks would stored inside that file without reading the contents of the file. If you can write something like that, please send it to me. In detail: a minecraft save file is called ‘r.0.-2.mcr’. The numbers 0 and -2 indicate the area of the map covered. I need to know which blocks exactly. I need to know the top-left and the bottom-right X and Z coordinates.

Much appreciated.

Due to the new mapping system of 1.8 I allow people to have their lots reset. If you see me online, I can reset your lot. You can also ask here as a comment. Keep in mind that this will remove ALL your stuff from the lot you reset. On top of that, your lot might be 100% water, most likely if you are south or east of the city. There is no undo.


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  1. Are you looking for an HTML form (like the URL you highlighted, with a submit and output to screen), a standalone script which takes a GET or POST, or a function that you can plug in somewhere and simply pass values to? Or something else?

    I’m happy writing PHP but I’d need to know what format you wanted the input/output in, and I might need to read up a bit about blocks and chunks…

  2. Well here is a shot. Assuming you use the values mcrA and mcrB as the 2 values in your filename you could find the min and max of the X and Z block numbers as follows


    Xmin = mcrA*512
    Xmax = ((mcrA+1)*512)-1
    Zmin = mcrB*512
    Zmax = ((mcrB+1)*512)-1

    • Your logic appears sound. Is 0,0 the north-west-most coord in the r.0.0.mcr file, then? (I do not know, I’m actually asking, not criticizing)

      • actually it was wrong. The top coordinates (Zmin, Xmin are calculated

        $x1 = ($mcrB * 512) + 512;
        $z1 = ($mcrA * 512);

        The others (the lower right corner is the same +512

  3. can i get lot_Y6 and lot_X6 (i just applied for it today) reset to 1.8

  4. I would like to have my lot upgraded to 1.8. Lot _G21. Many thanx

  5. Would you mind regenerating my lot if you’re not busy? (z22)

  6. I’m ready for a reset on lot ac_22 when you have the time. Thanks in advance!

  7. Uncovery, could you update lot my world lot i 16 to 1.8.1? Thanks a bunch!

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