Server upgraded to 1.8.1! PLEASE READ

I now upgraded the server to 1.8.1! What is new? What is missing?

  • /spawn changed. typing /spawn in other worlds brings you back to the portal of that world. typing spawn in the normal world brings you back to the group spawn as before
  • /home changed. you have to type “/home home” now and “/home skylands” etc. advantage: go from world skylands to your home in kingdom directly with “/home kingdom”
  • Not all plugins are setup yet perfectly. Namely minecarts, spleef, hunger game. Still have to work on that.
  • Permissions might be not 100% perfect. I had to switch to a completely new permissions system. I will have to go through all permissions again to make sure I did not overlook anything.
  • Plot actions in the kingdom that happened in the last 24 hours are lost. Sorry about that.
  • There is no more /money top and /money rank
  • The virtualshop commands have changed. type /vs to see a list.
  • Enderman griefind should be disabled.

Please go through the worlds and check that all you should be able to do is possible and that you cannot do what you should not be able to do. Report everything that does not work as expected here. I will update the website with the command changes over the next 2 days.

Regarding the map: I will regenerate some lots in world to see how it looks like. most likely however, I will not be doing anything big in terms of maps until 1.9/1.10 are out since there are too many changes in quick succession. Once there is a larger stability in the whole development process, I will make the big changes such as a new map.


6 thoughts on “Server upgraded to 1.8.1! PLEASE READ

  1. I’ve noticed a few things.

    -the /tp command no longer works.
    -I am not able to sell plots to others in my town

    I will try to report anything else out of the ordinary.

  2. Problem entering the neither either through spawn portal or through /home … The surroundings look wrong when I arrive, and I am disconnected within a few seconds of arriving. Subsequent reconnects only last the same few seconds while I am in the nether.

    Quickly typing /home home is the only way to escape the disconnect cycle.

    • This looks like it was because my home was set in the regenerated area. I haven’t had any problems after relogging and entering nether through spawn, and re-setting my nether home.

  3. I will be home later today and will take some time to try different commands, see what’s working and what’s not. I’ll be around the next few days also to help with any changes that may come up, as well. Seems we’re able to progress into the new world in a healthy way.

    Any changes to the 1.9 vanilla server for you, yet?

  4. Chunks are becoming glitched in world, breaking blocks doesn’t result in a resource drop when this occurs. I was told that when the server reloads the chunk this is fixed, but I don’t know how to get that to happen.

    Also, riding in the MTR minecarts in the skylands can cause you to fall out into the void. Since the regular falling protections in skylands aren’t there, this is fatal.

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