The future!

Regarding the maps and their future, I made the following decisions:

  • Once 1.9 comes out with a map generator that has snow & tundra biomes, I will generate a new world called “city”. We will create a new city there and copy the buildings from the current world over. That world will also have different sub-cities such as Egyptian in the desert, Snow towns, mushroom towns, Ewok-like tree cities etc etc, all in their respective biomes. It will be planned and contest-driven as the city was before. It will be a tourist-world where people can submit buildings anytime in all styles there are to enlarge it.
  • That city will remain the spawn world. People will get to other worlds through portals.
  • I will create also a new world to replace the current world with lots that are chunk-sized (16 multiple) instead 100×100. So instead of re-generating lots I will be able to delete the underlying chunks along the borders of the chunks which should be easier. This means lots will most likely be 112×112 blocks large. Not a big difference, but it will make things (hopefully) easier.
  • Instead of ever deleting a map, we will allow people to regenerate/delete their lots as we are doing now. Like that can keep existing maps, change the seed and as such make sure that we do not have a 10k wide ocean beneath us. I hope that this technically works. If not, we will have to come up with another solution. I will try to test this process in the coming weeks. The issue would be that we have always some funny structures and cliffs on the map. Seeing how people flatten whole mountains we have that anyhow however.
  • The kingdom will stay as it is. If we want to expand it, we will use tools to smoothen the landscape borders. There are such tools already available. They place rivers between the borders to make them less apparent.

13 thoughts on “The future!

  1. Interesting, I like the Idea in regard to lot size and it sounds great. I agree with all of the points put forward.

  2. I am so stoked about this!

    Interestingly, a 100×100 lot is 10,000 squares. A meagre increase to the proposed 112 x 112 lots is actually a NET 25.44% increase in lot size to 12544 tiles! huzzah!

    Also I like the solution to the city existence etc. Very stoked.

  3. Sounds like an awesome path for our server. I like the progression we’re making!

    I would suggest simply moving to 128×128 block lots, simply because a region file (512×512 blocks) is exactly 4 times that size on each (x and z) axis, 16 times that size overall. I would assume this could make things easier to manage either now, or later down the line.

    Just my $0.02.

    • 128×128 makes a lot of sense given minecraft’s data structure, and also not least because everybody then gets a full cube to work with. It’s quite a bit of an increase in plot size (over 60%), but we’ve got a lot of ambitious builders who wouldn’t object to that!

      Overall, I’m very optimistic about the plans for the server – sounds great and I can’t wait to see things as they develop!

      • Yeah but you know bow much these blocks cost? This inflation will ruin me! And I have to cut them all in single pieces with my butter knife!

  4. I’m a little confused about this: If you have a lot(s) in the current world, will you be able to give them up and apply for lots on the new map? Sorry for asking, just need a little clarification. :)

  5. I need the same clarification. This was the original plan and i think it still is but would like to make sure…since i broke down everything.

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