How the /home command works now

You can now set 4 homes, no matter which world. You use

/sethome whatever

to set a home called ‘whatever’. You can set them in any world.

Then /home whatever to get there.

Or /delhome whatever to remove the home again.

6 thoughts on “How the /home command works now

  1. I’m unclear on how this works, we use ‘/sethome 1’ and ‘/home 1’ to go there? or we use ‘/home storage’ and use ‘/storage’ to take us there?

    • It will be ‘/sethome (tag)’ and to go there you have to type ‘/home (tag)

      /storage will not take you there

      1 or storage could be used, they could be in different worlds or the same location

      If ‘/sethome’ is typed the command to go there afaik would be ‘/home home’

    • Nice, now my earlier post sounds silly. I also forgot the /delhome command, and apparently /remhome also works. :-)

  2. I get how it works, but I’ve got one question:

    If I’d want to REMOVE a specific home (Skylands) and replace it with another home, then how’d I do that without having the replacing home named Skylands?

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