More Future!

Note: All of the below things will happen when this server is updated to 1.9 and if there is no strong indication that the maps will change fundamentally again within the next couple of weeks.

I have now started to prepare the website for the new world generator. These are the decisions:

  • We will have a new map, called “empire” with 400 128×128 lots (20×20 lots, A1-T20, 2560 x 2560 blocks)
  • I have created the lot files already and you can preview how this would look like here. The map that you see there is only an example. The lots are the important part.
  • This map will be re-generated with a mixed water/land seed once we have a more stable world generation system. I strongly hope that this will happen with 1.9 and not later.
  • We will get another map called “city” in which the city will be. Duh. Spawn etc will be there including all great builds from the contests and other nice stuff from the lots.
  • That city map will be 1280×1280 blocks large only in the beginning or so. That should enable us to expand  the map further in a later stage with newer world generation systems so we need only to smoothen the borders instead of regenerating the whole place.
  • New lots would be given out only in the empire. People can abandon their old lots and move over. Nobody gets more lots then now, and nobody can get a new lot in the old ‘world’.
  • What to do until then? Mine your lot. Ask to have it transformed to 1.8 version. Take part in the current contest.

1.9v2 will come out this week. If that version does not crash, I will setup a temp server again with a TEMP map. Yes, I will delete it afterwards, no discussions. So don’t spend too much time there!

Next week I will be on holiday and only on the internet 1-2 times a day (diving!). If 1.9 final comes out then, it would have to wait until 10th October. But anyhow we would have to wait for Bukkit & plugins to be updated, which would take until then anyhow.

13 thoughts on “More Future!

  1. Sounds awesome! As always, I’m willing to help out with any testing or issues. Enjoy your vacation & visitors. You know we will be ‘patiently’ awaiting the new setup and the new pictures you’re bound to post after your diving expedition.

  2. Are we planning on installing, updating, and maintaining any public rail systems, warp gates, or home invitations on ’empire’? I don’t wish the extra work upon you that I know some of these have taken in the past. I also assume that we will be continuing to install Minecart Mania.

    I know that a few of us have planned on building our own railway-interconnected, neighboring lots in the new map. I like playing with the rail carts and building those. I would assume that having a /home plugin would already would mean a /invite plugin may not be as tedious or hectic as our former (and awesome) rail system. I also don’t want to take away from the “feel” we have on the server, either.

    • The current plugin does not allow home invitations.
      We can plan a rail system. What I can do since it is easy & quick, I can setup the tunnels for the rail system. To actually build it, I would need some help. I am willing to give out the free rails for it. Since we are starting from scratch, that should be quickly done and easier than before. If you guys want to have that, I am happy to help there.
      Minecart mania will definitely installed as long as the plugin exists.

  3. Sounds so awesome Uncovery. Thank you. Would you be willing to reset lot N_25 for me? If you could do that before you leave, that’d be awesome! But above all, please have an awesome trip! And if you find anything cool, please post it up in the forums or somewhere! I’d love to see what your findings are!

  4. I think I posted in the wrong place (forums), but I’d like to have lot AB7 regenerated to 1.8 as well.

  5. When ya ‘ave time, could ya convert my 2 northen lots, M10/M11 (-599, +299) to (-400, +200)? Thanks.

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