4 thoughts on “1.9Pre2 also crashes

    • Well since tons of people on reddit do NOT complain about the same issue, I figured already that it does not happen everywhere. That’s what worries me since I risk not to get any help on that from Mojang.

  1. No expert here but looks like something is borked in the Biome generation code.

    Placed stronghold in INVALID biome at (-61, -20)
    Placed stronghold in INVALID biome at (9, 42)

    if its throwing it as an invalid Biome something is up. Given they ahve been playing with Biomes in the last few patches, seems a safe bet.

    If one person is getting this though, others will be too.

  2. Are there any changes to the server.properties file? If you start it vanilla and fresh, are there any changes in the one it creates as opposed to the one you’re supplying?

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