1.9Pre2 server up at port 25565

Dear uncovererers (hu?), there is now finally a 1.9Pre2 server up. This is a temp map to fool around on and to get familiar with the 1.9 features. Do not waste your time here to build crazy stuff. It will be deleted. (Did I mention that before?)

Also, as usual, the temp server is whitelisted with a DIFFERENT system. Same list though. This means that if you are a new user who just joined, you most probably won’t be able to login on the temp server. The 1.9 whitelist gets only updated on server restart.

Anywho, I will be leaving in 24 hours to Bali, diving. I will most probably have some slow internet access sometime during the day, but I might not be able to do crazy stuff.

8 thoughts on “1.9Pre2 server up at port 25565

  1. Enjoy your trip! I hope to see some awesome pictures! Maybe you’ll see some squid and punch them for ink sacs while you’re there! LoL ;-) (Okay, don’t actually punch any squids. That would be mean, although they are very tasty.)

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