Update: What happens next

I have found now decent seeds for the city, empire and also the kingdom. There is so far no recommended build for bukkit, but I have seen servers running on the dev builds and so far what I have seen everything seems to be working nicely. I will TRY to get the server up and running with the minimal (=security) plugins working.

I will try to upgrade the server tomorrow (10 hours or so after you read this). This will require that I actually shut down the temp server, the 1.8 server and try to build a new 1.0 main server with all plugins, maps, backends, datafiles etc. During this time, you are welcome to be on the server and help me test it as far as possible. There will be frequent restarts and some downtime here and there. As a minimum you can help me building a temp spawn area in the “city” map. We can also create a collaborative document that lists everything that has to be updated on the website.

Once 1.0 is running and people can use their “world” lots, I will fix the page to abandon lots and enable the lot reservation for the empire.

One thought on “Update: What happens next

  1. Very exciting. I will do my best to be available. I’m already looking around the map to find the lots I want to settle! :)

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