Updates: current status

I upgraded the server now. What works already and what does not?


  • You should be able to login if you are whitelisted and get your username / userlevel
  • you should be able to go to your homes etc.
  • /spawn should bring you to the new (still small) city. There are portals to bring you to all the lots
  • You should be able to build on the lots you own in “world” & “skylands”.
  • You should be able to abandon your lot in “world”
  • If you have free lots, you should be able to reserve a lot in “Empire”. The normal “get building rights” form should allow this.
  • Voting – gives you one cake a 100uncs again
  • skylands application works again
  • nether is working too – w/o towny. Finally it is not possible to use towny there since it would create issues with reaching places if you cannot build. So it is just as it was before.
  • Server is now set to difficulty level 3 instead of 1
  • experience drops are ON. We will have to see if that causes massive lag. ATTENTION: If you teleport to another world, your experience shows as zero. This is however only what is shown. if you relogin, you see all of your XP again.
  • Kingdom plots are fine & working – on a old version of towny though. The upgrade to a newer version seems to fail. I will have to talk with the devs to see what it wrong so we can upgrade.

NOT Working:

  • Mine carts are not working yet properly.
  • The directions North ,South etc are still the old ones on the maps. Your minimaps might show differently.
  • several plugins like the shop etc are not installed yet.
  • the creative map is not there yet
  • the kingdom cannot be expanded yet. I found a tool that allows me to have smooth map transitions, but it does not work onmy server for some reason. working on a fix there, too.

If you have any other bugs, please post them into the comments here.

5 thoughts on “Updates: current status

  1. Well here’s what we could find for bugs

    -health dose not recover (it dose recover very slowly however if you are in your town in kingdom.) [Health regeneration is unaffected by difficulty level]
    -Rain in skylands
    -Rain lasts more than 2 minutes
    -Pvp is on in nether and empire

  2. I’ve received conformation for my application for Empire land saying I have full rights, however I don’t seem to actually have those rights yet.

    • sorry about that. There were some small hickups with the map. please apply for the same lot again.

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