Flatlands Creative Lots now available!

I have now enabled the flatlands – a flat land (duh!) where you can use creative mode! This is however only available to people with a free lot! So if you are settler, you have to choose between EITHER an empire lot OR a flatlands lot. The number of maximum lots is not increased for anyone!

In order to get a flatlands lot, please look at this map here, choose a lot and then go the the “Become a settler” page to choose a lot!

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Flatlands Creative Lots now available!

    If you carry an enchanted item into flatlands when you leave it will lose its enchantment.

    You are warned :3

  2. lol did you lose that pick that you spent almost an hour on? also i wonder which lot i want. tough decision.

    • nope :3 that is safe at home. Luckily i noticed the effect on a lvl 6 enchantment.

  3. Theres another bug where if you enter the world through the portal, you can fly higher than about 4 blocks unless you log out and in. Then you can fly as high as you want

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