Small server hickup, should be fixed now

The server hard disk ran out of space because I did not move out backups in time. So the database system froze, the minecraft server and the whitelist was messed up too. On top of that I am abroad since Tuesday and could not fix it immediately.

Should be all fixed now though. If you still cannot access, please tell me immediately.

8 thoughts on “Small server hickup, should be fixed now

  1. Thanks unc!

    I also noticed an error with the Teamspeak display for the website’s homepage.

    This error is shown where the Teamspeak window would normally be:

    Error (ID 2568) insufficient client permissions (failed on serverinfo 8471/0x2117)

  2. Also, you should know the MCSL vote is working now too, so 2/4 votifier responses work.

  3. alright so i just got whitelisted but i still cant join. i have the ip and everything. any help?

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