ATTENTION: Do NOT update to 1.1!

Please do not update to 1.1, otherwise you will not be able to play on the server anymore. There will be an announcement when the server is upgraded to 1.1

You can look here for help if you updated already.

8 thoughts on “ATTENTION: Do NOT update to 1.1!

  1. lol sooo I saw the update last morning and was too excited to think about it… but omg apples come out of trees and sheep’s wool comes back!!! :D I guess I’ll wait until the server updates, though. D:

  2. Bugger, already did it.

    Can anyone post a 1.0 jar so i can roll this sucker back?

  3. Glad I’m not the only one that messed up lol, I didn’t think to check the server but right after I updated something in my head said “Aw man bet I can’t connect now.”

    Lol hopefully it won’t be too long, gotta learn to check the website first >_>

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