Elders can now mute abusive players

While elders can jail abusive players to prevent them from doing physical damage in the game, abusive players can sometimes still be an issue in chat. Now I have given the elders the possibility to mute people in chats through the command

/ch mute [channel] <player>

6 thoughts on “Elders can now mute abusive players

  1. Can I please be un-muted I was muted for capitalizing every first letter of a word….[Please un-mute me!]

  2. Technically, tbirdo2, you were muted for doing that after being asked twice by Hiosa to stop, and ignoring him. “Do not annoy others” is our cardinal rule, so when you are asked to stop, you stop.

    It is especially wise to stop if you are being asked by someone with the power to mute you.

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