So this guy (lvl guest) showed up on the server…

And it goes like this:

[10:27] unc-bot cerberus4562 has joined.
[10:27] unc-bot cerberus4562 (city): help!
[10:27] unc-bot uncovery {Evil Overlord} (city): hey there
[10:27] unc-bot lvasold++ (city): Hello.
[10:27] unc-bot skilletfk++ (city): Welcome!
[10:27] unc-bot cerberus4562 (city): help!
[10:28] unc-bot silver82 (city): welcome
[10:28] unc-bot Xecaria (empire): ?
[10:28] unc-bot lvasold++ (city): Welcome to the server.
[10:28] unc-bot uncovery {Evil Overlord} (city): please ask your questions
[10:28] unc-bot cerberus4562 (city): cheers n all that 4 da welcome but my best server says ‘cant reach server’ how do i fix it??!
[10:28] unc-bot kddk (city): click that button at spawn
[10:28] unc-bot Xecaria (empire): no clue
[10:28] unc-bot cerberus4562 (city): ?
[10:28] unc-bot skilletfk++ (city): perhaps if you deleted it from your list?
[10:29] unc-bot cerberus4562 (city): nope
[10:29] unc-bot cerberus4562 (city): its there
[10:29] unc-bot lvasold++ (city): your best server? what server is that?
[10:29] unc-bot skilletfk++ (city): then the problem would go away?
[10:29] unc-bot cerberus4562 (city): called anticraft
[10:29] unc-bot uncovery {Evil Overlord} (city): well I am sorry I cannot help you with other servers
[10:29] unc-bot cerberus4562 (city): oh ok
[10:29] unc-bot cerberus4562 has quit.

10 thoughts on “So this guy (lvl guest) showed up on the server…

  1. I don’t even know how to explain this… XD Why did he think we would help him with another server?

  2. I’m crackin’ up here. XD XD XD That was hilarious. XD

  3. This is about the equivalent of buying a Mac, then calling Dell customer support when you can’t get through to Apple. Hilarious.

  4. What the?….. ummm wow, I’m cracking up over here, either he was an idiot or he was trying to promote his server, which actually is still kinda idiotic anyways, I’m sorry I missed it.

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