The Epic Quest

I am planning on creating an epic quest with the story admin. This quest will be planned in an out-of-game environment such as a wiki. It will be a multi-branch game, involving as much of the city builds as possible. It will be permanent work-in-progress and ever-expanding through user submissions. Structure proposal

We could have several main story arcs

  • The epic quest
    • Story Arc “Egypt – find tut anch’s mask”
    • Story Arc “Japan – rescue the emperor’s daughter”
    • Story Arc “The secret of the cathedral”
    • etc.

The story arcs will have several sub-branches and can connect to other story arcs through intermediary quests & bridge-stories.

If you are interested in participating or of you have additional ideas, please comment.

7 thoughts on “The Epic Quest

  1. Only if we could add violence that would be awesome.

    • Well that’s actually possible. We can either put mob spawners in certain areas or have a /story command create a mob if we can write a plugin that places a mob at a certain location on command such as /spawnmob

  2. I know im not on all that much but id love to participate.

  3. I would love this idea. I got bored of minecraft after a while because there is so much i can be asked to build. This will bring me back to the game and the server.

    • We are already working on it. If you want to join – anytime! Some people started on the story telling contest, and I am working with prodigy & hydroflame on a core story and side stories for the epic quest. You can either just go ahead and write a story by yourself or join me on a bigger project.

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