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I am planning on a voting lottery, and there should be some interesting prizes instead of the cake all the time. What I have to figure out is what prizes to give and how likely it should be to get the prizes without cluttering the whole thing up with too much random stuff.

The way it would work is the following: You vote for the server and draw a random number between 1 and 100. Then there will be a table that will determine what you won by the number you got.

Random example: All numbers 1-50 will get you a cake. So you have a 50% chance to get a cake. In that principle there should be items to get, and how likely they are to appear. Stuff that I would think are interesting to give away are:

  • a random amount of XP, between 10 to 100 (chance 10%)
  • a cake (chance 10%)
  • a tripple-enchanted diamond pick (chance 5%)
  • a diamond (chance 5%)
  • a diamond block (chance 1%)
  • a piece of coal (chance 1%)
  • 1000 Uncs (chance 1%)
  • nothing (chance 2%)
  • a random monster egg (chance 10%)
  • a random animal/npc egg (chance 15%)
  • an iron ingot (chance 8%)
  • a random amount of uncs between 100 to 500 (chance 10%)
  • a cookie (chance 5%)

What else would be interesting or fun? Everything should add up to 100% of course. It should be fun and exciting but also rewarding.

13 thoughts on “Server voting lottery

  1. What about replacing “nothing” with “Sockso’s eternal gratitude”?

    Seriously though, I think the voting lottery would be a great addition.

  2. *A bow with 20 arrows (4% chance)
    *A double-enchanted bow (2% chance)
    *Pick a prize (1% chance)
    *Redstone equipment (3% chance).

    • yeah, more enchanted stuff might be good
      pick-a-prize is technically difficult.
      what is redstone equipment?

  3. Would you have to be online to get the prize? Great addition though. Go goth with it. I love it!

  4. Would this replace the guaranteed 100 uncs, or supplement it? I could imagine users getting frustrated with voting if they are unlucky and get for example: Nothing, coal, nothing, ingot, coal. If this were in addition to the guaranteed monetary reward I think it would do better.

    • the 100 uncs would be guaranteed. Also, the goal is to have probabilities setup so that in all likelyhood you rather get more than a cake in average.

  5. I dont think that 1000 uncs is sufficient for 1%. 10000 would be better for such a small percentage

    • 1,000 is too little, but 10,000 is way too much. 2,500 or 3,000 Uncs sounds plenty reasonable!

      Great idea Uncovery, really will get people voting again (and a lot).

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