Voting Lottery finished! [Update]

I finished the voting lottery! You can now win cool prizes whenever you vote! 100 Uncs are fixed prize and other stuff is dropped in your deposit so you can vote while offline from the server! Have fun!

There is now a display of what you can win with what chance on the voting page!

7 thoughts on “Voting Lottery finished! [Update]

  1. You should post the odds of our getting what stuff on the Vote! page. :) For fun! And also so we can tell if it’s broken when Pluto gets 3 mob spawn eggs in a row. :O

  2. I voted on all three sites and got a cake. Nothing else, one cake. No extra reward for the other two sites.

    • Please note that the voting communication between the server list and our server is not always perfectly working and I do not know how to influence that. However, if you see a message on the server that says you get something, you should be also receiving something in your depot. If not, then I have to fix it.

      • Well, I received the 100 uncs from voting, but I got exactly 100, with no extra reward.

        • Seems to be working fine currently, please try again. Please remember that the system puts your stuff into your deposit and not in your inventory.

  3. I voted today, and minecraft said “The Server was voted by Sockso!” But no uncs were added, and no prizes were added.

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