Industrial farming

I want to remember everyone that industrial farming is causing massive lag. If you set up a farm that gives you more than a chest of goods per harvest, you’re overdoing it. The issue is that the growth of a huge area needs processor time and causes issues.

So take down those farms.

5 thoughts on “Industrial farming

  1. Can I keep my melon farm? It’s a four story building with, that gives about 5 stacks. It has not caused me any issues yet. I just don’t understand if this falls under “industrial”

    • 5 stacks > one chest? Am I bad at math or you bad at reading?

      Anyhow the most important stuff is how you regrow it. If you do it all at once, it laggs. If you do it in steps, it can be ok.

  2. Perhaps he meant chests? Melons give quite a few slices per drop, and being that its a four story building, 5 stacks doesn’t make sense.

    • Nah, it’s stacks, I’ve been at the harvest before. Each story only has 2 rings of what look like 30 or so stems. It seems like if he lets it fill up he might be able to get more (not sure?), but nowhere near the 130+ stacks needed for 5 chests full.

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