Elders can now temp-ban users

Elders can now temp-ban users. If that happens, the elder HAS to send an email to me stating who was banned, why, when and for how long.
Masters and above are exempt from this. Do not use this for fun. Do not use it lightly. Repeated abuse will get the elder demoted.

4 thoughts on “Elders can now temp-ban users

  1. Not sure if we really need this. Its a nice addition, but I prefer to see the unruly ones squirm in jail imo. =)

    • The problem with Jailing alone is that you either a) get the point across to an “unruly” player and convert them into a responsible member of the community, or b) give a true degenerate more time to harass people. I think this will be a good tool to efficiently (and NOT LIGHTLY) deal with the latter, who has already broken enough rules to ruin their future with the server.

      • Oh I see how you mean =) Never thought about that latter part as much.

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