Shop issues?

It was reported that the shop might not be working properly in some instances, specially when handing over items to you – but still working fine in most cases. We currently could not reproduce this reliably to identify issues. One thing that might be an issue is the fact that the lottery might hand out items with impossible enchantments that are then irretrievable.

Please help solving this with the following: If you see anything that is working not as expected, please check if there is any error message visible. If so, send a screenshot. If it is something you can try again, (like selling something and you did not loose items) then try again. If it happens again, or if it is something that you cannot reproduce (like you tried to buy something, items were not received, but the offer is not there anymore), then please post a report here immediately. We need to know from whom, at what time you tried to buy how much of what and what exactly happened.

If we do not get this information it is very hard to fix things. So any information you have is very helpful to get a result here.

5 thoughts on “Shop issues?

  1. Report:

    I bought a super enchanted bow (flame, punch, power, infinity) last night around 8:50 EST for 2000 uncs. My money disappeared, however, I never received the enchanted bow. I tried checking my deposit and reconnecting, but that didn’t solve the issue.


    Bought a simple Power 1 enchanted bow for 16 uncs, never got it. I don’t care about the uncs or the bow, just letting you know (rhyme unintentional). I had bought 2 enchanted helms earlier and didn’t have any problems, from the same seller. Perhaps it’s just bows or enchanted bows?

    • I bought other enchanted items before and never had any problems.
      I also think that it only happens with enchanted bows.

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