Updates to Shop and Deposit

After reviewing the feedback from the recent survey regarding the shop, we’ve made some small changes to hopefully make it work better for everyone.

  • /find, /list, and /cancel will now assume “offer” if you don’t specify request or offer. So /find cobblestone will work again.
  • /offer can now take an optional “silent” argument anywhere to suppress the sales announcements, so you can avoid spamming when posting large quantities to the shop. For example: /offer 5 silent will post all of the item in your hand at a price of 5 and will not generate any announcement.
  • /withdraw all can now be used to withdraw everything from the deposit. It will stop if it runs out of room in your inventory.
  • /withdraw @sender can now be used to withdraw everything from a particular sender, for example my personal favorite:
    /withdraw @lottery

There were also some small changes to the help and error messages:

  • /sell now reminds you that you might mean /offer instead when you don’t give a shop-id.
  • All messages now omit /ws from the command syntax, except for /ws help where it is always required. Every other command can be written without /ws (though you can write it if you wish), and it’s shorter and clearer to write it that way.

Of course, please report any problems with the shop system that may arise. Thanks!

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About azkedar

I joined this server in September of 2011. I spent a lot of time early on mining and selling glowstone for profit, so you could find me a lot of the time wandering far out in the nether with 8 stone picks and a few pieces of food. I participated in most of the contests from that point, my first big build being my treehouse entry, which I’m now kinda embarrassed of. I notably built a vast number (73 I think) of the small structures in Rome, as well as assisting with other parts of that city. I’m pretty proud of my Empire lots so far, even though only the middle 2 are really developed, and I’ve got a long way to go. I also help out Uncovery with various small programming tasks as I am able, to help implement new features and ease the maintenance burden on our beloved and fearless server owner. This is why Uncovery granted a chat title. Aside from that purely cosmetic title, I am otherwise just another Elder (and a junior one, in terms of how long I’ve been around). As for my real life, I’m a 33 year old programmer/analyst, married with 2 kids. My kids love minecraft too, but since my son is only 5, it’ll be some time before he can pass the settler quiz. :)