Old world deleted

I now finally deleted the old world. Next steps will be to setup a kingdom as discussed many times before. Once that is done, I will remove the borders from the darklands and switch off backup there, so we have an unlimited mining world.

11 thoughts on “Old world deleted

  1. Unlimited darklands = Exciting. New Kingdom = Exciting. Woo! =D

  2. And I assume that also means removing Towny from the Darklands? I’m sorry if this was mentioned before. If so, I must’ve forgotten about it.

  3. inQuish: The Nether is unlimited in range and Towny can be used there, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t still be used in the Darklands.

    • Ok, thanks. I wasn’t completely updated on the state of all the different worlds on the server. I read the ‘World Descriptions’ page again. I’m sorry I misunderstood.

  4. Long live the memory… but we must continue on to a better way! =)

  5. Well wish I got my diamonds XD oh well, I will really miss my old lot.

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