Darklands future

I will enable the kingdom next weekend as the new place for group builds. The darklands will be even more so a place for mining and resets after minecraft updates. What will change for the darklands?

  • I will stop making backups of that world. If something goes wrong with those files, we have to reset that section or all. Happens very very rarely however.
  • I will remove the borders so you can explore w/o limits
  • I will disable all warping, /home /tp, /spawn etc there
  • I will enable mob damage from endermen & creepers. So you better fortify your builds
  • maybe more in case I have some mean ideas how to make the world hard and the most like single player.

So what does that mean? You can continue building. You can continue using the darklands as it was intended. No need to panic. If you think that DL is now not so good anymore for your builds, you can move to the kingdom next week. It will allow torches etc.

Remember: The darklands is meant for mining only. If you build there, your decision. The other worlds are for building. The kingdom will be for group builds.

19 thoughts on “Darklands future

  1. This is all very cool! But if there is no resets, what comes of 1.3? Because there are a lot of new blocks and features. Will you reset for that?

  2. Who wants to start some outposts? Hahah that was so much fun

  3. So, towny protections grant protection from Griefers and Thieves in DL, this implies that griefing and thieving are permitted in DL. Is this true? I know that in the old DL griefing was still prohibited, since you had some bans from it.

    I’m just thinking we should have some clarification on behavior expectations in Darklands, on whether the following is allowed: Griefing of player-made structures if not protected, Stealing from player-placed chests if not protected, Ninja’ing drops/xp, Kill Traps, following other players when not invited, etc.

    My feelings is that none of that is allowed, but we also cannot enforce anti-griefing and anti-theft unless someone is caught in the act. That’s why Towny can be useful, since if nobody is around your stuff is vulnerable and we can’t/won’t track down thieves and griefers.

  4. I think disabling all warping is a bit too harsh. When going mining, your inventory tends to fill up too quick due to all unique items you can find. Because of that, players will most likely have to walk back right away in order to store their items.

    Maybe at least enable the /deposit command in darklands?

    • If we allow that, we might as well let people /warp. Otherwise it’s always /deposit /suicide combo to get home.

      • Deposit has limited space though. If players deposit 2-3 types of items they just mined. They wont be able to save their tools. It would be a bad idea to deposit your 10 diamond and leave your enchanted items behind.

    • It will be difficult, but the intent is that it should be difficult. C’mon, where’s your sense of adventure? XD As unc says, similar to single player. You don’t have /home in single player, you have to walk.

      Either that, or you have to store your stuff temporarily. This is where towny outposts come in handy. You only need 1 plot to make a temporary, secure storage depot.

      Or you can make decisions about what is worth keeping. I know most of us want to hoard everything we find, but I think that’s because the mechanics with /home make that easy. If it becomes difficult, maybe we should alter our behavior rather than asking that the mechanics be made easier again.

  5. This is all great! And in very excited for this “feeling of adventure” to come back. I remember when we use to have this, it was an awesome community building event. We had multiple people gather and build together way out.

    If anyone wants to start a outpost wayout, I’m all in! Just let me know.

    I am still a little confused. So the kingdom will hold towny. Will this apply to the DL as well?

    • From what Unc has said: Yes, both worlds will use towny, unless there is some conflict between the settings for kingdom and darklands (since the plan is the the settings will be different in each world). If that happens and can’t be resolved, Unc will just turn off towny in darklands (and the nether), leaving it completely free-build except for the usual restrictions on light sources.

  6. I’m all in for building an outpost in the darklands if someone wants to do it. I was thinking and underground rail system out a couple of thousand blocks with stops along the way.

    • I’ll help. :) Rather resource-intensive though :/ I was thinking about doing a halfslab walkway in the sky. XD

  7. I would imagine Az is very good with Towny, as well as I am. We can help you out. I will try to find a nice suitable place and I will then alert you.

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