DonatorPlus and Elder can now disable snow & ice!

If you have donated enough to become a DonatorPlus, you are now able to switch off snow-accumulation and ice-forming on your lot! Please see the userlevels & commands page for details! Once you switched it off, you still need to remove the fallen snow or ice, but it won’t come back! You cannot enable snow if you are not in a snow biome however!

10 thoughts on “DonatorPlus and Elder can now disable snow & ice!

  1. Blasphemy! Who’d want to remove the lovely schnow?! D:

  2. Sweet! Now i’ll just have to be cool enough to be an elder or use my last coins from my voidlike student economy…

  3. How do we know which biome we have? What if the landscape had forest and sand and water? Or what if it was swamp but with natural occurring snow in the corner of the lot? how would we know what biome we have?

    • Well if you have any snow/ice accumulation on any part of your lot, you most likely to definitely are at least part way in a snow biome. If you have no accumulation of any sort, then this feature really doesn’t pertain to your lot. Also if you press F3, one of the lines will tell you which biome you are currently standing in. It doesn’t matter if your lot is 100% a snow biome or one block in, the parts that are in a snow biome will not accumulate snow/ice if you choose to turn it off

    • If it snows on parts of your lot, you can now prevent the snow from accumulating on the ground. Nothing else. Other areas where it does not snow are unaffected.

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