viperx97 banned for using Xray

22:27:00 [INFO] uncovery -> viperx97: using Xray,. right?
22:27:21 [INFO] viperx97 -> uncovery: no
22:27:25 [INFO] viperx97 -> uncovery: why?
22:27:49 [INFO] uncovery -> viperx97: I have a plugin that tells me
22:27:51 [INFO] viperx97 -> uncovery: I am only using the coords thing you get in top left
22:28:06 [INFO] viperx97 -> uncovery: which is part of the xray client mod but i haven’t been cheating with it
22:28:56 [INFO] uncovery -> viperx97: you mined 5 different diamond locations in 3 minutes
22:29:15 [INFO] viperx97 -> uncovery: I was going in a straight line and they were all there :/
22:29:34 [INFO] uncovery -> viperx97: interestingly they are not in a straight line
22:29:51 [INFO] viperx97 -> uncovery: Okay.. fine I am going to stop lying.. Yes I used it because I have spent the last half an hour..
22:30:04 [INFO] viperx97 -> uncovery: trying to find some.. so igot a bit fed uo
22:30:06 [INFO] viperx97 -> uncovery: up*
22:30:22 [INFO] viperx97 -> uncovery: and then it got a bit out of hand :/
22:30:24 [INFO] uncovery -> viperx97: thanks for admitting it

13 thoughts on “viperx97 banned for using Xray

  1. Im sorry, but this humors me. To even Sign up for the website, you read the words NO MODS. I mean, at least he admitted it. I think it is still unacceptable. But on the other hand, XD

    • It doesn’t say “no mods”, it says not to use mods that cheat, hack, or otherwise give you an unnatural advantage over other players.

  2. The hints of maturity at owning up at the end was a refreshing change… :)
    I give this noob a 2/10.

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