Egyptian Contest copied! Everyone Vote please!

ATTENTION: Everyone can now vote on the contests!

I have now copied all entries of the egyptian contest to the city. Please everyone go there, take a look and vote. The best method would be to do a /warp egypt, walk from building to building and look for the name signs. Then search on the contest website for the corresponding entry and vote on it.

The only entry that was not copied is the one from patrickm129 since it is made only out of half-buildings, half-walls etc. It is a nice diorama so to say but not usable in the city. You can vote on it from the screenshots or go to his lot and take a look.

14 thoughts on “Egyptian Contest copied! Everyone Vote please!

  1. I am unable to vote. It is possible I’m doing something wrong, but clicking on the stars does not work for me.

  2. Yes, I’m trying to vote on the entry page with all the categories, just like in that link

    • Hmmm. I have to check that. I do not know what is going on. Azkedar has been working on this last time, and a lot of the functions run through Javascript, and which I am extremely bad.

      I already sent an email to Azkedar asking for help on another bug in the contest manager, so far I am waiting for a reply. He is either stuck in another game or in holidays. I am on top of that very busy this week and do not have a lot of time to work on this since I have to catch up a lot of work from last week when I was on the trip.

      I will keep voting open longer so we can settle those issues.

  3. I knew having half-buildings would come back to haunt me. XD 3/5 stars is good for my first contest!

  4. I can’t find “Divided Together” by kidcodiwise, or “Egyptian Gate” by patrickm129. Does anybody have the cords for these inEgypt?

  5. I mean, from the comment, I was assuming that patrick had two entries.

  6. Patrick had only one entry. The Divided together is south of the great pyramid. Maybe not the best location, I might move it somewhere else. Until then you can find it there.

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