User “pigwitapipebomb” banned for using transparent Texture pack

I confronted him on site, he admitted it, I banned him. Anyhow it was obvious enough to ban him w/o him admitting it. It seems we need to ban one user each month because of this?

11 thoughts on “User “pigwitapipebomb” banned for using transparent Texture pack

  1. You’d think they’d start catching on after the first two bans, Unc.

  2. If this were a non-whitelist server I’d expect a ton of bans a day, but I really don’t understand why they go through the hassle of registering here only to do something to get banned.

  3. I wonder why they don’t just do it on single player, where they won’t get banned . . ?

    • That’s an excellent question. I’d guess it’s because there’s no thrill if there’s no threat. They cheat themselves either way.

      • I don’t think it’s the thrill. I think they want to just “have it their way”. The community, the environment, but still make it easy as they like.

        I also cheat sometimes in games because I just want to see it. Like adventure games where I do not want to spend hours to solve a puzzle. There was one game that had the difficulty level “Content tourist”. I liked that a lot :)

        I started max payne 3 now and I do not have the ambition of becoming a super-sharpshooter. I just want to see the story. So I play on the easy level.

  4. if i do it on single player i won’t have any fun lol. :P

  5. Lol. That doesn’t stop it from being against the rules. :3

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