This is what you get when you mess with us

I managed now to implement a basic Karma system, just like reddit. You can give 0,1,-1 karma to a user as long as he is settler and more than 10 days registered on the website. To find out the commands please go to the brand new Karma page on the website.

For those who are wondering about the subjects of the last 3 posts please see this here.

Further, as you can see down here on the left, there is also a new karma-like system on the website. I dumped the facebook/twitter thing and opted for a site-specific feature so people can leave their opinion about stuff w/o having to link their facebook account to the site and leave a simple opinion. So click away and give karma as you like!

19 thoughts on “This is what you get when you mess with us

  1. I like it. Simple, effective, easy to understand and implement.

  2. It is simple which is good and I like the idea of more ways to show someone is worthy of a higher rank, but\, this can be abused too easily I think and not even for malicious reasons. Someone may just be in a bad mood and let it affect someone else in the form of karma that isn’t justified. Also, cliques may target other cliques with karma abuse or others may target others just so they can get above them in the karma chart. Too much abuse possibility.

    • Let’s wait and see if that happens. We will see if 1-10 negative karma will really affect anyone in the long run.
      I do know some people here are friends or enemies but I would be surprised if there will be a faction war between more than 5 users.

    • As much as I am cynical about the human race, I have found this place to have an extremely friendly community, I doubt this will happen. And if it does happen, it’ll most likely be by new people that don’t fit into the community (who usually don’t last long here anyway.)

  3. I suppose as long as karma doesn’t dictate a ban or is the only consideration in raising in ranks then it’s ok as a supplement to the current system.

  4. Scenario:

    I own a sugar cane farm that I harvest manually at least once a play-session. Because of the time it takes to harvest and because there’s a demand for it — mostly from Xecaria — I sell my reeds in the market for .25 unc per reed. Xecaria buys up my reeds almost exclusively so I keep my price consistent.

    The other day, another player, we’ll call him BH (for butthurt), starts playing on the server (again) and farms his own reeds and puts them up on the market. However, instead of putting them up slightly lower than mine, he thinks he’ll be a “white knight” and puts them up at .01 unc. So, being the market tactician I am and knowing I can turn a profit, I buy up his reeds and re-sell them at my price.

    BH is on at the time and doesn’t like my strategy so he proceeds to call me out about it. I explain that it is simple business and had he put his up at a more “reasonable” price, it would not have been cost efficient for me to buy them. He says some stuff showing his ignorance for markets and how they work and I ignore him.

    Today, after the implementation of this system, I log in and check my karma and, lone behold, have -1. While I have no way of knowing if BH had something to do with this, seeing as how our disagreement took place yesterday, I have no reason not to.

    I have sold stuff in the market at reduced prices and bought stuff at inflamed prices (because I had to). I understand that the idea is to have fun and play fairly and I’ve done things, within the market, to facilitate this. While I would never judge anyone for doing what I have done, I’m also not ignorant enough to think I can throw up a commodity, at an extremely reduced price, and not expect people, selling the same commodity, to act the same. I would never fault them about this but BH is too immature to understand this and thus, my -1 karma. While I think karma is completely worthless on Reddit aside from showing worthwild content on top, here, it holds big gains and losses.

    It is because of this type of scenario that the karma idea will not do well. People who are “upset”, and think they were treated unfairly, will rise up with their karma hammer (likeness to ban hammer) and smite someone all on the pretense that they believe they’ve been wronged when really, their ignorance has simply blinded them to the outcome of their actions.

    TL;DR – I sell reeds in the market along with another. He stupidly puts up reeds at a severely reduced price, I buy them, and then resell them. Now I have -1 karma and I wonder who it was from considering I normally keep to myself.

    • That 1 karma wont hurt you, he can only give or take 1 and thats it.

    • When I look now in the list top and bottom list, I see that there is one guy with -1 karma. what does that mean? Nothing! 1 guy not being liked by 1 person on the server? So what? This article has until now also 1 “thumbs down”. Does that mean anything for me? No. Because there are hundreds of people here. I cannot make everyone happy. One person does not change what I think.

      If there were 10 or 20, completely different situation.

    • I have been in doubt about whether or not to respond to this post for a long time, but I’ve decided to do so anyway. I find this post to be very insulting towards me, and by not actually mentioning my name you are making it extremely difficult for me to respond. I’m going to do my best to keep this post as polite as possible, and it’s not my intention to either start or participate in a flame war, or even a fight.

      Let’s first state the facts:
      – I’m the person you call “BH”
      – I’m the one who gave you a negative karma score.

      Now onto some background information.
      Ever since I’ve had my reed farm, which is since about a year, I’ve been selling my reeds at a price of 0.01 uncs. It’s true that I’ve been away for many weeks since then, but the price has never changed. Even now, 0.01 uncs is the price I’d like to ask for my reeds. What I did after harvesting my reeds a few days ago is this:
      1. /offer 0.01 –To offer my reeds
      2. /find reeds –To see if my reeds were still the cheapest ones available.

      How did I pick that price, 0.01 uncs? Well:
      Once a reed farm has been set up, it takes no effort at all to gather reeds. They grow infinitely, they grow fast and they don’t require a special tool to harvest. When I harvest my (empire) farm I walk in a zig-zaggin pattern for a maximum of two minutes. During that time I pick up 1142 reeds. If I’d be selling them at your price, 0.25 uncs, those two minutes would’ve earned me 285.5 uncs. In my opinion that doesn’t make any sense. When I’m selling them at my price it earns me 11.52 uncs. In my eyes that’s far more reasonable.

      Another explanation:
      When I go stand in front of my reed farm and I click only once, there’s 8 reeds for me to pick up. 8 reeds, when sold at 0.25 uncs, would mean I’d have earned 2 uncs. For 2 uncs you can also buy two stone swords. Now compare the effort required to get those things:
      – Stone sword:
      – Gather cobble, pickaxe takes damage.
      – Gather wood to make a stick.
      – Craft the sword.

      – Reeds:
      – *Click*

      Now the reason I don’t like what you’re doing isn’t really the fact that you’re buying my reeds and reselling them at your price, it’s the price you sell them at. I can think of no possible way justify a cost of 0.25 uncs. The reason for my presence in the shop isn’t really making a lot of money. Voting earns me 400 uncs every day and in my opinion that’s enough. I sell my stuff in the shop because I want other people to be able to use the things I have plenty of. Now you could ask why I’d be selling my stuff, not just giving it away. That’s because:
      1. Other people can get it while I’m not online
      2. Most importantly, I think that what I give away should actually be used on something. Giving a way 2 stacks of diamonds to someone who’ll just hoard those diamonds doesn’t make any sense. That’s why there’s a price for it.

      My last point is about you saying that what you do has everything to do with supply and demand. I do not agree. That would mean that, because there’s now a bigger supply of reeds the price would go down. That’s what I’d like. Instead you just buy everything I put up. I even tried moving my price up to 0.10 uncs, which is 10 times as high as my original price, but you still bought my reeds and resold them instead of lowering your own price.

      I apologize to everyone who found this to be a useless rant. This is my point of view, how I think about all this, and I feel like my side of the story should also be heard.

      • InQuish, I apologize for my brash post but I think you are missing something here. When I joined the server, the reed price was well above your .01unc per reed price. You were no where to be found. When I started selling my reeds, they were at .12unc which was .02unc lower than the lowest seller. Since I started selling them, the price has gone up based on the number of reeds in the market and the demand. Xecaria and others have been buying reeds en mass to do whatever they do with them and I’ve been happily selling them.

        Now enter you. You come back and demand the price be at whatever level it was when you left and I believe that’s a very ignorant approach. You are working a market all wrong. If you want to drive the price of something down, it doesn’t happen instantly and it doesn’t happen at your whim. However, your selling price can drive the price of anything down by setting your price slightly below the lowest seller. This has two possible outcomes: Your stuff is bought before the person you’re undercutting or the person you’re undercutting cuts your price and sells their stuff at a reduced price. When you do small increments, it isn’t cost efficient for the higher person to buy your product up and sell it at their price. They simply wouldn’t see that high of profit from it. However, when you drop your price by a lot, it becomes profitable for competitors to buy up your product and resell it.

        I do not agree with the time-to-reed ratio that you used. I have, apparently, a larger lot of reeds than you do. I spend about 10-minutes or more (fighting monsters sometimes) to harvest my reeds and ensure I collect them all. While I’m efficient at it, it’s still time consuming and dangerous. It was also time consuming and dangerous to set up the farm in the first place. It is because of these that I sell my reeds at the price I do. For the longest time, I was the only one selling reeds and could set the price based on the demand and time/danger level.

        I’m sorry for calling you “butt-hurt” and would like to bury the hatchet. I do not apologize for buying your reeds and reselling them, however, as that’s just business. I will continue to do so as long as you continue to sell them at an extremely reduced price. However, if you follow the above information, the price will be down within a couple weeks and you’ll be happy.

        I’m going to drop the issue cause I’m sure no one wants to read it. Above is my rationale for why I sold my reeds where I did, why I bought up your severely under-priced reeds and resold them, and why I’ll continue to do so as long as you continue to sell them so low.

  5. I can see the karma system will work out, but I don’t see what it exactly does to change or help the economy. I can also see that it would make others feel left out and upset because say, they have -5 Karma while everyone else has 1+ Karma. That one person will feel left out and think that no one will like them, so yes, Karma could help, and it could have some drawbacks. So perhaps we shouldn’t have this Karma system, being it doesn’t help much and can/is leaving someone out or making them feel upset because they think they are unpopular because of how much Karma they have, as shown in the example.

    • It is not supposed to help the economy. We have the shop for that. If someone has -5 or even -10 karma, they should think about what they did to annoy so many people.

      The same way we should encourage people to do good things and reward them for it, we should not be afraid of people not liking us – and knowing it.

  6. when ever i try to give karma to someone it says command not recognized

  7. i think the number of days someone has to be on to give or take karma from them should be 5 days because theres 4 people i want to give and take karma from and they all havnt been on enough days

  8. New users can’t receive karma. Are they still able to dish it out?

  9. When someone is banned does the karma they have dealt get deleted? If not I think it should be.

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