Towny vs Precious stones

I currently have towny installed and it keeps to be a recurring issue creating lag. The author of the plugin does not get it fixed. The issue is that towny keeps taking processor time even in worlds where it is disabled. Therefore I will abandon the plugin to the favor of precious stones in the hope that this will work better.

What will be the consequences? Sometimes on Tuesday/Wed next week, all protections in the darklands and nether done by towny will be disabled. I will introduce new, simple (probably chunk-size blocks) of protection through the preciousstones plugin.

I also want to finally open the kingdom for playing. The issue here is that we have a choice of waiting for the coming update with larger biomes. One proposal could be that we start a temporary map once 1.3 comes out with large biomes and make that the kingdom once we can integrate it into the system.

The alternative would be that we create the kingdom now, normal biomes, and do the same thing with the darklands instead. Opinions?

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  1. i think we should open it now (or as soon as possible) because it will be open for people to use and they are used to 1.2.5 so it will be normal and they wont have to get used to anything new plus we don’t know when 1.3 will come out so best to do it as soon as possible

  2. I agree with you, slash. But after like 15 snapshot updates, 1.3 is destine to come out soon. I would rather wait till 1.3, therefore people will not complain about thier 1.2.5 builds.

    Scenario: Say the kingdom opens wensday. A group of friends claims a few plots and starts a mini city, maybe a fort or something. This would be in 1.2.5. Now they are really proud of their build, and want to keep adding on.
    Worst case is that 1.3 comes out next week. Now they have to rebuild all their stuff because of the new features. This causes alot of problems, especially if there are
    Multiple larger builds.

    Scenario 2: Say 1.3 comes out at the end of this week. We wait until then, set up a world. As uncovery said. Players can build and explore terrain. Everyone is happy and no problems caused.

    You defiantly have a valid point, but waiting for 1.3 would be worth while. And the outcomes will be greater.

  3. ya i guess that is a good idea i really want to find a desert and jungle temple so ya i think that would be a better idea

  4. My vote is to wait for 1.3 . I feel it is the wiser choice because of plugin updates.

  5. Therefore I will abandon the plugin to the favor of precious stones in the hope that this will work better.


    And there was much jubilation and huzzahs.

  6. Now….. if its called kingdom….. we need factions and PVP! Maybe. I think once 1.3 come around Kingdom may contain serious build and castles and stuff. Maybe it could be a pvp zone, or even go as far as having factions. We could have faction wars and stuff. Allies and enemies. It could show a little more skill in battle and strategy other than the hunger games. I do think people wouldnt mind having a faction and/or PVP world.

    • I’d rather not be part of a pvp world. But that’s just my opinion. But I do like the idea of building some towns or something. Also, I think it would be best to wait for 1.3 as well.

    • There are already way too many PvP/Faction Servers. We don’t run like that.

      • i like factions but they get really annoying and i dont like PVP it annoys me because im trying to build something then out of no where a guy comes up and i loose all my wood but i still vote on waiting

        • True guys. good point. Faction/PVP servers are kinda annoying. Hunger games is a good PVP alternative for us :D

  7. I vote to wait until 1.3.
    It should be out soon anyway.

  8. I’d have to agree with wating until 1.3 as well. If we’re starting a brand new realm, and we’re this close to a new version of the game, with a slew of new features and terrain-generated effects (temples, biomes, etc.), it seems like a wasted opportunity if we didn’t wait another week or two to take advantage of it all.

  9. What I would like to make clear is that even if 1.3 comes out today, it most likely (from past experience) takes up to 6 weeks to upgrade to the latest version.

    • i still wouldnt mind waiting that long im just fine the way it is right now and i want 1.3 but i can wait a month

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