CheezeDogg banned for using Xray

I took another random look at the log files and found Cheezedogg using Xray, and banned him of course. Please note that I have another couple of people of whom I know that they are using Xray, just waiting to meet them online. Do not think that I won’t catch you just because I have not had the satisfaction of having you confronted with it.

20 thoughts on “CheezeDogg banned for using Xray

  1. Why don’t people learn!? The system IS going to catch you and uncovery IS going to ban you.

  2. Hahaha, my god. I gotta say this is quite discouraging, ’cause this also means that almost no-one reads the posts Unc makes..

  3. Means my timer was correct! Cheezedog mentioned he “used it when he started but not anymore” and I put a 2 week timer on him. A few days early though.
    Guess the Xray habit is hard to break.

    • If he admitted that he used it when he started that would have been a reason to ban him already. My tolerance for cheating stops about 1 hour after registering.

  4. A quick question about this. Lets say somebody uses x-ray with their single player world. Will simply logging on to the server with x-ray enabled get you in trouble? (Its really easy to do)

    • Not sure if I’m allowed to answer this (if not, feel free to delete this Unc) but I’m pretty sure the system sees what you mine and at what interval. If for instance you’re mining rare minerals at a ridiculous amount, the system notifies Unc that something is up, and then he checks it out. So as long as you don’t actually use the x-ray on multiplayer, you should be fine?

  5. 1 ban almost every week for using x-ray it seems like people dont read

  6. I knew that kid was up to something when he kept announcing how he was constantly finding diamonds. And then he started giving away some of the diamonds… I guess one last good deed before getting banned.

  7. I suspected too, keep on banning these people. XRays ruin the game by disrupting the rarity of diamonds. I wish there was a way to just full on stop xray.

  8. Well, if you have an XRAY mod and you mine all the diamonds and keep ’em for yourself, that’s selfish, whereas everyone else has 1 or none diamonds. XRAY is unfair and it’s cheating.

    • The bigger issue for me is that in unbalances the game economy in the shop etc. If something rare like diamonds is suddenly available in masses from one person, prices drop quite a bit and the money people make becomes worthless. It damages everyone quite a lot.

  9. Detective Unc is on the case! I applaud you sir for running THE best online community I have ever had the privilege to take part in. This server is one of the few times in my long lustrous gaming career where everyone who follows the rules and has some respect for their fellow players is rewarded while cheaters/griefers/jerks are dealt with swiftly and justly. Thank you again to all who play correctly and fairly. I’ll see you out there friends!

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