New First Aid page & Alert system!

I have now created a new First Aid page that should help people solve diverse issues when I or Elders are not around. On top of this I created an emergencies thread on the forum that I would like to ask Elders and Masters to subscribe to by clicking the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” checkbox on the bottom of the page. When someone then has an issue, you will get an email. If you fixed the issue, please post another entry to the thread so others know that they do not need lot login anymore.

4 thoughts on “New First Aid page & Alert system!

  1. Very good idea. Many people have had problems when elders, even masters arent around.

  2. emergencies thread cant be posted in by regular users.

    masters need access to the mute command rather than a jail command.

    username yanta132 spamming “SHUT THE FUCK UP” at 12:21am gmt+8

  3. Banned yanta.

    Moved emergencies forum to another location. can you make a test-post?

    Will see about the /mute for masters.

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