Chainmail removed from the lottery

When you win a random enchanted item from the voting lottery, you were in the past able to win enchanted chainmail. However, as we all know, chainmail is only available in creative mode. To stick with the general theme of keeping our survival mode as much as possible similar to vanilla survival mode, I now removed the chainmail. It has been there only due to an oversight on my side when I programmed the enchanting table for these goods.

6 thoughts on “Chainmail removed from the lottery

  1. I got some enchanted chainmail boots yesterday through voting… Do I get to keep that or will I have to not use them anymore?

  2. haha i took my chainmail armor out of the shop i might be able to make a profit off of them

  3. is it possible we could put chain mail back in the lottery? Because you can get it in survival now by trading with villagers.

    • ok can do. If you want it faster please give me a list of all the item IDs of the chainmail in the form of


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