Thoughts, plans & ramblings

I have been thinking and trying out several things over the past few days and just wanted to share a bit.

  • I have thought about how to deal with the skylands. Since many users simply flatten the ground and do not use it as skylands, and since the island structure seems perfect for group builds (like you need to build a bridge to get somewhere), it seemed a bit misused. I do not think however I will change the current skylands from what it is. Resetting lots is a bit of a pain since it often boots all users off the server, but I also do not want to create another world for skylands. maybe just an alternative hunger world scenario?
  • I have been thinking of limiting donator status by 1USD / month. If you donate 1 USD, you are donator for one month. Every month, your level decreases by 1 USD. You need to keep a level of 12 USD to stay donator ++ level. The amount is calculated by what I get after Godaddy substracts their fee and now how much you spend. The question is what happens with a deposit slot if you loose your status? Would the system hand you the stuff automatically if you have space? Would you have a deadline to withdraw? That is a bit more complicated to do.
  • Cake day is another idea. While I do not want to convert too much into reddit, we can give certain gifts on the 1st year (365 days) and the second. This will be possible with the above function since we would calculate how long a user has been online once a day and the donations etc. I am thinking of a nice set of diamond armor or something along the lines.

Nothing has been decided, just brainstorming.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts, plans & ramblings

  1. if you donate $1 you have to donate $1 again the next month to keep your donator+ rank?

  2. ok but is there a point to where if you donate so much you keep you rank forever?

  3. I like the 3rd point alot , i think that could work , but maybe not just diamond armour , maybe with random enchantment on the armour on the 2nd year?

  4. I intend to build an aircraft carrier in the skylands when I can get a lot there. It’s gonna be EPIC.

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