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I have now made a decision on the donators level topic I talked about in an earlier post. Some background:

I am paying for this server in cash, and I could use a much smaller & cheaper one if I would not be running a minecraft server. However, I do not rely on the donations to be able to afford it. I wont people to understand however that this stuff is not for free, and I want to make sure people do not take things for granted.

Further I want to make sure that a user that donated 2 USD 2 years ago gets a different level of appreciation than a user who donated 50 USD just yesterday. Also. I do not want to diminish the 2 USD since I know people give what they can, and not everyone has the same means available. So after listening to some comments in-game on the issue I made the following decision:

  • People who donate get an eternal ‘+’ status. It’s a badge that you donated something – sometimes. This requires however that the amount you donated is higher than the fee Paypal takes. If you donate 1 Cent, I do not get any of it. Paypal takes it all. So no + for you.
  • The amount I receive from the donation gets used up in a speed of 1 USD / Month. I rather round up here and count only full months. If you donated and still have donation leftover, you get a ++ status with all its privileges. I will add the mob-disguise plugin soon to those. So you can troll your friends by running around as a chicken etc. What mobs will be available? I do not know yet, let’s see. Maybe I keep the creeper for myself :D.
    Calculation Example: If you donated 12 USD 10 months ago, you would have 2 more months of ++ today. If you donated another 10 USD 2 months ago, you would have 10 months left. (12 – 10) + (10 – 2) = 10
  • The level will adjust automatically like your citizen status
  • There are only 4 people that will be “downgraded” by this change. 2 ++ donators who donated a long time ago and 2 + donators who donated less than required so that some money would be left over for the server.
  • I still need to implement this all, so no changes as of this being published.

2 thoughts on “Donators level decision

  1. Sounds like an equitable and fair system all around. It balances your desires with the credit it gives to those who have helped. Kudos!

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