Donator auto-adjust & mob disguise active!

I have now successfully implemented the donator auto-adjustment. Your userlevel will now reflect the new donator status. You will be able to see how long your donation lasts in the server status section on the right bar of the homepage. Your donations will remain secret to other players however. We had some upgrades and some downgrades due to the new system. If you think your new level is not correct, please comment here. If someone sees the user Audofrag, please ask him to contact me since I cannot track back his donation 100%.

Also, DonatorPlus level can now disguise as a mob, depending on the userlevel. Higher level can disguise as more mobs. Please see details on this feature on the Userlevels & Commands page.

19 thoughts on “Donator auto-adjust & mob disguise active!

    • turning into another player is of course only enabled for me :D
      The amazing thing is if I turn into another player it even shows that playername under /who as owner :D

  1. I wonder if kddk will ever NOT be a kitty now? :-D Does the player name still show up on screen? Or are they totally secret?

  2. If you’re disguised as a mob, and enter the server, will it announce it? Can you see if somebody is on with /who or tab?

  3. What happened to the deposit slots? They disappeared from the User Levels and Commands page. Or did you just gave everyone 6 slots or something like that?

  4. D: So the $0.01 donators don’t get anything anymore?! Blasphemy!

    • P.s. That’s not me. I didn’t take advantage of the system :P

  5. last night uncovery was a baby wolf and i didnt know then i tried to catch it but he was running away so ender up being a game of tag

      • You never watched Legend if Hobo, didn’t you… And Dai will abuse the creeper form, that’s kinda sure… There happened a whole lote since I was gone… One week is a long time…

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