Users LegtizSkillz, Bengaboii & ethan_rossie banned for Xraying!

More bite the dust. People please remember that I do not see immediately who is xraying. But I can check the logfiles from time to time and then I know. And you will get banned. So do not do it or get out of here.

Interesting correlation between a nickname and being a cheater here with LegtizSkillz …. OMG.

9 thoughts on “Users LegtizSkillz, Bengaboii & ethan_rossie banned for Xraying!

  1. Lol, I love the irony of legitzskills cheating. It’s hilarious :)

  2. Dust must taste pretty good, since so many people bite it :P

  3. you broke many of the rules that were put up by the owner. you yelled at people, you kept capsing unnecessarily, and you created too much lag…. i say Sockso had a pretty good reason to ban you. Do not expect anyone to do anything about it, bc only the owner can. I know he will not change his mind bc that too is one of the rules…. banning is permanent.

    • Unc can revert a ban from one of us. But… all of our bans have not been reverted.

      • i know that he can, im just saying he won’t. At least from what he has said under the rules. if the rules would have been followed you wouldn’t have had to take the time to ban someone, and that’s a lot of work in itself.

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