1.3 is coming soon! What to do?

Mojang today released one of the latest snaphots of 1.3 and will go into pre releases and then the final 1.3, likely this or next week. You will be asked to upgrade – what shall you do? When the upgrade comes, it will take us some time, sometimes weeks until the important plugins for protection etc are updated too so we can use them. Until then, we will keep the server running on 1.2.5.

Once 1.3 comes out, we will run a parallel, temporary, vanilla 1.3 server on a different port. That server will have a new map, and no protection. It will have a whitelist however to give at least some protection from griefers.

You have a choice then to upgrade and to play with the new features in an unprotected environment, and be griefed (it happens for sure, we have seen it before many times) or keep your copy of 1.2.5 and continue playing on the normal server.

The map of the temp server will become the new darklands map of the old server once it is updated. So what you build will be taken over, but also not protected from griefers in the new environment.

I will take the 1.3 server live as soon as basic protection and user rights are working. Other stuff like the shop etc might take a bit longer since many plugins have to be upgraded, and I don’t want to wait for the last of them.

TL;DR: Your stuff is safe. If you upgrade to 1.3, you cannot access it until we upgrade too. But you can play on a temp server that will become the new darklands later. If you do not upgrade, nothing changes for you.

15 thoughts on “1.3 is coming soon! What to do?

  1. Let’s say then if I use Minecart Mania as the only way of entering/exiting my underground facility, will I have to change that before the update so people can still move in and out?

    • I would suggest you leave as is. If MM does not work you can still make an alternative other entrance for the time being. It is really hard to speculate which plugins will break and which not.

  2. so if we stay on 1.2.5 we can still build on our plots? or will it just be the same as you described either way?

  3. Is there anyone that can explain it at a first grade level what will happen if I switch over? Will I lose all my empire stuff. This is for umm a little cousin..

  4. Everything will remain the same with empire, skylands, and flatlands as far as I know. You don’t need to worry about losing your lot or items etc.

    Don’t upgrade till unc tells you to.
    For the one’s who just don’t understand.
    Have a nice day.

  6. you do know you can go on older servers in the 1.3 :)

      • its on the changelog in one of the pervios snapshots

        • I looked through the past several change logs, and didn’t see this. Could you point it out? I’d love for it to be true!

    • This was true for an older snapshot, but unfortunately, in the newer snapshots and in the 1.3 pre-release, it is not.

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