11 thoughts on “Magnarellic12 banned for XRaying

  1. people just dont learn and the ones who use it are to stupid to hide it they know they will get caught but there just that stupid.

  2. Hello, this is probably hard to believe since i saw the list of dumb****s but i have never used xray before. My little brother maybe used my account on his computer since he loves to get me banned on every single server I go on. I think this server is a terrific server and i would love to continue on it.


    • read rule 14

      “We want to avoid people excusing bad behavior with stuff like “My evil brother did it on my account”.”
      – Sorry, but i’m pretty sure it wont happen

  3. Account sharing is against the rules as well, whether accidental or not. I recommend changing your password so this doesn’t happen wherever you go.

  4. I just changed my password. I also yelled at my brother not to do this to me. “like he will listen to me” LOL. Is there a possibility that my account can be unbanned? I know theres no second chances, but im not the one that did this. I actually just got home today from my vacation. Again, this is one of the best servers I have been on and it is very organized. :)


    • There are no second chances. Making an exception for one person would cause other people being banned to expect the same. Having it this way discourages bannable activity. It’s not your brother’s fault for you leaving your password available, whether he was the offender or not.

  5. I never gave him my password, he has his ways of getting around my accounts. I was gone for 2 weeks and I had no part of this event. I will always make sure for now on, that he wont go on my minecraft. Since I was’nt part of this event, I never finished my first chance. And I would really appreciate it if I could be back on the server

    • There are very secure ways to protect yourself. If your brother has a pattern of doing this, you should have done so. For example creating another user account on your PC and protecting it with a password.

      And if your brother just tried to get you banned, he surely could have done that quicker by just being annoying in chat. So the story does not really make sense.

      And even if it all made sense, I would not unban you. Your account was found cheating, your account is therefore banned. I have no way of verifying what you said, so it stays banned. No discussions.

  6. :/ I really hate X-ray. It ruins servers and minecraft itself for other people. Thanks for catching him :3

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