No more temp-bans – perma-bans only!

After having given the permission to elders to temp-ban others for a while with the only problem that some bans have been too short, I now changed the permissions and elders have the right now to perma-ban people.

11 thoughts on “No more temp-bans – perma-bans only!

  1. Still have to send the email right? Or do you get to see the reason we enter?

  2. I made the mistake of only banning a guy for a day. I don’t know what I was thinking. I apologize if my mistake caused lag for anybody. :-/

    • Well I am taking this with a laughing and one crying eye. The fact that we have soooo many more members recently will automatically attract more jerks. It’s a sign of the success of what we do here.

  3. Even though I’m nowhere close to being an Elder and I don’t know anyone I want to ban, this is a good idea.

  4. Has there been any contemplation on giving masters “mute” privileges? In most of the cases i’ve witnessed, jailing just makes most of the offenders more agitated and this causes the chat more grief from them. Just an idea!

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