1.3 Pre-release server live now on port 25564

I have now installed a server with the 1.3 pre-release on port 25564. Unless some major updates happen until tomorrow (I don’t think so) this will be the new darklands map. This server will be updated to 1.3 final when it comes out in 2 days. Our normal server will continue until we can upgrade it to 1.3. You can gather resources, explore the map as far as you like and build stuff.

Please note that

  • griefing is not allowed on the temp server and also all other normal rules apply
  • we know however from history that griefing will happen. So hide your stuff and build far away from spawn
  • the whitelist does not update immediately. I could install a script that reloads it every 15 minutes, but you will have to wait for that.\
  • connect to the server with a 1.3 (latest version) client and enter uncovery.me:25564 as the server address
  • that is a vanilla server, so no plugins at all installed. Once the first versions of plugins come out I will install them one by one for testing.

Once we move the map to the normal server, all the builds and chests will be taken over. Your inventory will be gone however. There will be some warning about the upgrade (1 or two days) so you can put your stuff into a chest if you are quick. I will try to find a way to remove all torches from the darklands map before we go live so it will be the same as the current darklands.

10 thoughts on “1.3 Pre-release server live now on port 25564

  1. I’m sorry, what is the exact address? I don’t know what you mean by port 25564?

      • uinc i have connection to 1.3 server. but it always says when i try to login” Connection Reset”
        ??????/??//?//? please help


        • Sorry, no support for this stuff before 1.3 final is out, since this is technical. All the information is up there. If that is not enough for you, wait until tomorrow.

  2. when i try to get on the server it says end of stream ir connection reset is the ip uncovery.me:25564 or is something wrong with it?

    • Did you update your launcher to 1.3? if you can still connect to the normal server than you still have 1.2.5 and you won’t be able to connect to the temp one

  3. what is the exact addres? port????? what does port mean???

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