1.3 release – IMPORTANT!

Tomorrow, 1.3 will be released. You have to make a decision if you want to continue playing on the current 1.2.5 version server with your lots, protection and all, or on a temporary map in a vanilla 1.3 environment where no protection, user ranks, plugins etc work.

You will be asked if you want to upgrade when 1.3 comes out in about 24 hours. If you want to stay on the current server DO NOT UPGRADE. If you want to use the temp 1.3 server, upgrade and then use

uncovery.me:25564 instead of uncovery.me as the server address.

If you upgrade, it can take SEVERAL WEEKS until you will be able to play again on the current 1.2.5 server. We can only upgrade the current 1.2.5 server to 1.3 when a minimum amount of plugins work. Downgrading is a technical job. If you are not familiar with your operating system and how to copy files into hidden folders DO NOT UPGRADE.

How the upgrade will work, how will it affect you:

You have now on 1.2.5 land, chests, inventories etc. If you are on the same time on 1.3 temp, you will have also buildings, chests inventories. What will happen to those when the 1.2.5 will be upgraded to 1.3 and the temp server disappears?

  • The map of the temp server will become the new darklands, with all builds, chests etc. Your player inventory that you had n the temp server will vanish
  • On the 1.2.5 server, the darklands will disappear since the temp server darklands will replace it. Everything else from the 1.2.5 server will remain. Your lot, your userlevel, your inventories, your chests (except those from the darklands).

14 thoughts on “1.3 release – IMPORTANT!

  1. i have 2 computers i can get on minecraft with if i update does it update my account or my computer?

  2. i have a problem, i downloaded and i only have 1 computer, does anyone know how to downgrade back the the old version ?

  3. Yes you can if you kept the old jar or if you can find the 1.2.5 download which im sure you can do. I’ve been doing it all week. There are lots of youtube videos about upgrading. Just replace the new jar in the bin folder with the old one

  4. I’m confused as to the last couple bits of info. So anything we do/mine in 1.3 will vanish after it’s made from temp to perm?

    • when the temp server becomes the darklands on the perm server everything in you inventory on the temp server will disappear but everything in a chest will stay and you have to find it in the darklands and you can keep it

  5. Ok wait, so I guess just what’s in our hands not in the chests we place, right? Also, apparently just making a copy of the game didn’t allow me to have both versions on my computer. Copying the zip folder didn’t help either. Sigh, sometimes I hate having a mac.

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